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The nitty gritty about this very site

The site highlight statistics about the various simracing series on in order to help drivers gain insight into what series to participate in. Be it a full-on championship attack, or a secondary high participation series to drive around the clock.

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Some extra pages laying around:
Check player count here for iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars and more.
Or the same graph but last 120 days.
Check daily number of laps turned in iRacing.

Read more about iRacing: It's an awesome racing sim where you can find yourself in a race with real F1 drivers, pretty cool.

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I find this site useful, how can I support it?
The site is up because I wanted the service, no support needed. The effort on my part is voluntary.
If you want to show appreciation, please consider sending me a postcard from where you live or donate.

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Or you can donate iracing credits or through Paypal.
Donate using PayPal - running cost is about $15 - $20 USD per month.
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What is SoF?
SoF is Strength of Field. In essence, the higher the SoF the better the drivers. SoF for a race is determined by the iRating of the drivers.

What is DPR?
DPR are Drivers Per Race. Or more accurately, I use it to mean Drivers per timeslot. This will show you how many drivers signs up for a race on a specific timeslot. A high DPR indicates a very popular series. Most series need at least 6 drivers to become official.

How often does it update?
Race data is updated once every hour. Data about series, cars, tracks and stuff less then that.

Contact info?
For general error reporting or suggestions - use iRacing forums or Reddit, it's a good chance I'll catch it.
You want to give me a UX/UI job on iRacing for a year? Drop an email.